Health is the most precious asset for any individual, family, business, community or state.
Therefore health is an important issue both: for every individual and for people altogether.
health is everybody’s business.  

Health department of ICARE does research and analysis of the way people organize their activities
in relation to health. Since resources are and always will be limited and less than the needs,
only proper prioritizing of competing demands can lead to
efficiency, or maximizing the outcome.

Our business is helping you to maximize the outcomes with your limited resources.
 Ask us how.
"There is nothing so practical as a good theory"  Kurt Lewin
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ICARE founder Jordan Panayotov has developed a
model for designing, planning and evaluation of
public health policies, programs and interventions.

The model analyses the correlation between the
average health status and health inequalities in
dynamics, explaining the generative mechanisms.  

Based on critical realism (i.e. if A then always B),
the model provides universal explanations and
predictions which are necessary for successful
implementation of
Health in All Policies (HiAP).

The model is deposited in U.S. Copyright Register
and has been presented successfully on several
international forums.

Independent Centre for Analysis & Research of Economies
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The model provides a useful tool for decision-makers, researchers and local practitioners to:
1)  Explain empirical findings,  i.e. for rapid research review;
2)  Make predictions about the impacts on population health in terms of changes in average helth       
   status and health inequalities, i.e. for Health Impact Assessment (HIA) as tool for successful  
   implementation of Health in All Policies (HiAP);
3)  Make proper choices of policies, programs and interventions in line with the goal of public health,
   i.e. for priority setting and justification of addressing the social determinants of health (SDH).
AHS - Average Health Status
HInEq - Health Inequalities
DPP - Dead Performance Point
Health Reform
Indoor Air Quality
Efficiency in Public Health