We analyze both intended and possible unintended outcomes from the decisions made
in relation to the goals set BEFORE a policy, program or intervention is implemented.

Taking into account local context, we work with you for getting the right
recommendations that will work in your specific case and will effect desired change.

We deliver results, as we combine our experience, knowledge and expertise with our
superior methodology.
Any policy, program or intervention is a decision for resource allocation.
When resources are allocated there are always
winners and losers.

How to balance competing demands in order to maximize the outcomes?  

What is the best
evidence that something works?
Will it actually work in your case?

Since there are no two identical situations,
ask us how.
We do it with you, saving you a lot of time and money as well.   
We are consulting group of professionals providing solutions for improving the outcomes
with limited available resources at any level of decision-making and priority setting:
Governments, Corporations, NGOs, Foundations, local municipalities, etc.
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Independent Centre for Analysis & Research of Economies
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